What an axe kicking good time!

I personally know them and have been like sisters for years and if you want a good time then come see them, won't be disappointed..

Celeste Wells

The owners of COMO Axe Attack know how to entertain and have opened another awesome business that provides a fun and challenging experience.

Denise Orr

The owners are amazing. They are right by your side teaching you how to throw! This was my first time throwing and it was amazing!!

Emily Ayers

SO FUN! great place to hang with friends, let loose and rid yourself of some tension! Highly recommended! Owners walked me through how to throw an axe, by my third…

Jayna Friedrich

Had a fantastic time. Owners are genuine and have fun with you. Do it.

Sandy Neal

Ready for an AXE kicking good time?

Axe Throwing Leagues

Tired of competing in the same old boring sports leagues? Well you're in luck! Join our Axe throwing league starting April 9, 2019! BOOK  below to AXE the competition and have…

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Whether you want to have a heart pounding office party, Axe your ex moment, or just to show how much you kick axe then we have the perfect event for you.…

COMO Axe Attack!

Are you looking for an Axe kicking good time? Then come hang out with us at COMO Axe Attack where one of our Axemasters will have you burying the hatchet and…